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Welcome to Zebra Splints!

We are a trusted supplier of high quality affordable ring splints. Each splint is precision handcrafted by a professional silversmith with 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and 9 years dedicated experience in the design and fabrication of comfortable and effective metal ring splints. It has always been our main goal to keep pricing low so that our splints are as accessible as possible, so unlike many other places, we sell at cost. We are the only  shop worldwide offering their full line in comfortable and hypoallergenic titanium.

Use the top menu to navigate the site and browse our collections of splints organized by splint type or the link below to check out our selection of standard splints and browse our newly added designer collections, learn about our splints and mission on the "About" page, or send us a message through the contact form!

Hey folks!

We're running a big summer sale to help raise funds for emergency medical care. I'm one of the Zebras that severely affected by the periodontal aspect of the condition and over the last year it's deteriorated to the point that it's now an emergency situation. So I'm running a sale to come up with the funding for emergency surgical extraction of 3 teeth that are broken and causing recurrent infection.

Please read the notice below though, we've had a few things go sideways over the last couple months that put us behind in order processing so processing time is currently delayed. The last few months have been one emergent situation after another and I've not had time to catch my breath, but can assure you that I'm working non stop to get everything back on track as quickly as we can.

I'll add more info to the News & Updates section in case anyone's curious 😊


We are currently working with a few week delay in order processing as I am healing from a hand/arm injury that happened in mid April so am unable to work at my normal speed, which was compounded by my apprentice unexpectedly being unable to work for the month of May. In particular the single lateral support and thumb IP/MCP splints have the longest expected delays as they're currently very difficult for me to fabricate.

We are working around the clock to get everything caught up as quickly as possible and are hopeful we'll be back on track by the end of the month.

  Please keep this in mind when ordering.
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