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Welcome to Zebra Splints!

We are a trusted supplier of high quality affordable ring splints. Each splint is precision handcrafted by a professional silversmith with 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and 9 years dedicated experience in the design and fabrication of comfortable and effective metal ring splints. It has always been our main goal to keep pricing low so that our splints are as accessible as possible, so unlike many other places, we sell at cost. We also boast the fastest processing time in the industry with many orders going out next day and are the only shop worldwide offering their full line in comfortable and hypoallergenic titanium.

Use the top menu to navigate the site and browse our collections of splints organized by splint type or the link below to go directly to the splint shop, use the contact form for assistance, or learn about our splints and mission on the "About" page!

*****We are currently experiencing order processing delays as I am working through a hand/arm injury and am unable to work at my normal speed. Please keep this in mind when ordering*****


Happy Pride Month!


Rainbow Sparkle Splint

While not a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I have always been an ally as most (if not all at this point) of my friends are.
This month we celebrate love and triumph in overcoming the great deal of adversity faced by this wonderful community for so long, and the continuing fight for equality.

I'll have more pictures coming soon, but I wanted to get the listing up ASAP for my newly designed Rainbow Sparkle splint, originally commissioned by a friend. I'll be keeping it on sale 50%, and the rest of the site for 10% off, all month long in honor or Pride month.

Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight friends! 

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