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For my apprentice and dear friend Heather the unimaginable has happened. Her service dog Benny is in the critical care facility with renal failure fighting for his life.

Benny started struggling with severe allergies over the last few months. He's been into the emergency vet on almost a weekly basis, trying different medications and medicated shampoo/topicals trying to get it under control. Then a few weeks back he was put on steroids as they suspected it was autoimmune. Last week he started getting sick, losing weight and extremely lethargic. He wouldn't eat and couldn't even keep water down and by Friday evening had gotten so bad he couldn't stand or walk so was taken into the emergency veterinary hospital. Benny is in sudden onset diabetic ketoacidosis as a result of the steroids, and it caused renal failure. Even with her pet insurance the vet bills are astronomical and we are fighting to come up with the funds for his care.

We will be running an emergency flash sale this weekend to help raise funding for his treatment now and when he is discharged. He needed transfusions and will need to be on insulin for the rest of his life, but we got the good news this morning that his chances are excellent and he should be discharged soon. As anyone with a disability who relies on their furry companions knows they are far more than just a "pet". They are our lifeline, they are our beacon of hope when things are dark and reason to keep fighting. Losing him just isn't an option.
Take advantage of this rare opportunity of a flat 50% off all standard splints and 30% off designer series splints and help us save Benny. 

As this is an unusually large discount rate there will likely be extended processing times for most orders, especially as I am currently working through a hand injury. Please keep this in mind when placing orders during this sale event. If you are on a time limit and need your splints to arrive sooner please wait to place your order until after the sale, or contact me to set up an invoice for standard pricing. 

We also have a GoFundMe set up here:
Urgent Funds for Benson's Medical Care
Thank you all for your support and understanding through this difficult time <3

Welcome to Zebra Splints!

We are a trusted supplier of high quality affordable ring splints. Each splint is precision handcrafted by a professional silversmith with 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry and 9 years dedicated experience in the design and fabrication of comfortable and effective metal ring splints. It has always been our main goal to keep pricing low so that our splints are as accessible as possible, so unlike many other places, we sell at cost. We also boast the fastest processing time in the industry with many orders going out next day and are the only shop worldwide offering their full line in comfortable and hypoallergenic titanium.

Use the top menu to navigate the site and browse our collections of splints organized by splint type or the link below to go directly to the splint shop, use the contact form for assistance, or learn about our splints and mission on the "About" page!

*****We are currently experiencing order processing delays as I am working through a hand/arm injury and am unable to work at my normal speed. Please keep this in mind when ordering*****

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