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Just want to give everyone a heads up that due to recent supply chain interruptions and the unexpected amount of orders I've gotten in processing time is currently 2-4 weeks.

During Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend I pulled in more than double the amount of orders I was expecting, totaling well over 150. Many of these orders are quite large, and with just the two of us here it will take a while to get through them all.

I'm also asking everyone to please keep in mind that when my partner and I split that it doesn't just involve more splints for me to handle on my own. There were also a great deal of executive functions as well that now fall solely on me, such as supply ordering, packaging, chainmaille, stamping, shipping and tracking etc. This means that in addition to the extra workload from making the splints themselves, there are a great deal of other necessary business functions added to my workload which is cutting into my ability to keep up on everything. Please allow extra time for shipments and responses, I'm doing my best to keep up on as much as I can and have been working 12+ hour days everyday for months so am *very* burnt out at this point.

The holidays are also an exceptionally hard time for me, so I've not got a whole lot of mental capacity for keeping up on messaging reliably.

It shouldn't take more than a month or two to get us running smoothly again, please bear with us in the meantime <3




It's been a wild month! The apprentice ended up with covid and was out nearly all month, so we have been *grinding* the last week getting everything caught up for Black Friday weekend. I'm behind on getting

tracking numbers uploaded, but have nearly everything up to last week done and will have it all out by Monday!

Even after hurricane Maria I've never had order delays this severe, and I'm very much looking forward to getting back to normal <3



After struggling through a very long month and a half of order delays I'm thrilled to say we're finally back on track! There had been a several week backorder on titanium, gold, and my heavy gauge silver (for use in thumb/hand MCP splints) but both finally arrived yesterday and I'm working through orders as quickly as possible. Everything up through mid October should be out by the end of the week.

In other good news I finally have my nickel free scheduled to come back in within the next 2-3 weeks so I'll be able to start offering the Size Paks and Therapist kits!

Thanks so much for everyone's patience, I'm looking forward to being able to get back to a normal work schedule <3



Good news! After a long week of interviews I finally have a new member of Zebra Splints coming on to start training Monday! I'm *still* working my way through Labor Day weekend orders and doing my best to fit the newer small orders in wherever possible, and with finally having someone to help again for the first time in a month we should be able to get through what's here fairly quickly and get back on track. I've been working 12-16 hours every day doing my best to keep everything moving and really looking forward to having help.

Thanks again for everyone's patience and understanding!



Hello again!

I just wanted to drop a quick update regarding order processing times.

The employee I had taken on for training ended up unable to work due to physical limitations (the work was causing a great deal of pain, metalwork is pretty tough on the body). Unfortunately, we didn't find this out until about a week after my last update. As such, I'm currently handling everything on my own while looking for another apprentice.

The Labor Day sale I ran pulled in a great deal more orders than expected, and as such I'm currently working my way through orders from 9/05 (there were nearly 100 just that day). Once I get past this hump I'll be able to get back up to current fairly quickly, but for the time being due to the sheer number of orders from that weekend I'm not currently able to provide approximate ship dates for orders. Between shipping/supply chain issues, my fickle EDS bod, and just general life things (for example titanium is currently halted because one of the machines to process it broke down so now I'm waiting on a part to come in) there's just too many variables for me to accurately provide an approximate ship date. Once I get through the Labor Day orders I'll be able to calculate processing times again, and we're looking at about the end of next week for that (I hope lol). I am still able to get the small simple orders out within typical processing time, it's the larger ones getting hung up. In the meantime just bear with me, I've gotten us through far worse than this <3




Hey Everyone!

Since it seems like the order delays may take longer to remedy than anticipated I'm just going to add updates to this page blog style rather than replacing them every time. 

Unfortunately my new employee did not work out as the work is causing nerve issues in her arm, so this will be her last week and I'm on the search for another compatible and motivated individual to bring in and train.

The hardest hit with the order delays are the Size Paks and Therapist Sizing Kits as those were being handled by my partner and with the stamping they're quite a bit of work. Unfortunately we've run into another issue, which is that the nickel free wire I use is backordered due to supply chain interruptions. As such I've set both of these items to "out of stock" to preserve what of the wire I have to use for orders, and I'm reaching out to other manufacturers in hopes of finding a solution quickly. For now I've purchased every bit of any form the wire is available in to try to keep ahead. While I've got a good bit of the thicker wires for most sizes, the smaller one used for sizes below 7 I'm running low on. I've ordered a bunch of the regular stainless steel that I'll at least be able to use in the Size Paks and will be bringing them back using that wire once I'm more caught up on orders.

I'm also making temporary changes to my business hours so that it's Tuesday-Friday so that I can take Monday as an extra day to grind out orders uninterrupted (I don't actually take days off, the weekends are my time to sleep in and stay up late because I function better that way, and to just make the splints without interruption). I'm also temporarily changing my drop off days to Tuesday and Friday only so that I'm not as rushed trying to get things made, polished, and packaged in time to drive to the post office every day. I'm able to work much faster when I don't have to be worried about time constraints and having to stop what I'm doing early.

So, as always your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated <3 I'm completely on my own here for the first time in nearly 3 years and trying to find my flow again.


Hey folks!

We've got a couple things going on causing some delays, because of course when it rains it pours!

In the worst timed breakup in the history of my life, my partner in both business and life and I split at the beginning of the month. This was just days after moving into a new apartment and days before my sponsorship with the Ehlers-Danlos Society, so it left me with unpacking and getting settled during a period of increased orders. In addition to that, my local post office had their internet knocked out by a severe storm for over two weeks which caused a huge spike in missing/untrackable packages (USPS overall has experienced increased issues lately, more on that here if interested: ) that I've been making replacements for.

I've been doing my best to keep up on everything on my own while training a new member of Zebra Splints to prevent any issues going forward. I'd *almost* gotten back within typical processing time but ended up in a flare and was down for a few days, because it's just not EDS life without a random flare thrown in lol.

In any case, I expect to have us back on track again in the next week or so. I'm only able to get to messages once or twice a week for now rather than my daily morning check as I'm pretty much waking up and going straight into getting the splints made and continue until it's time for bed again, so please allow a little extra time for me to get back to you.

I sincerely apologize for the delays and truly appreciate everyone's patience! I've been through much worse and always spring back quickly :)

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