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Metal Types

All metals I use are 100% hypoallergenic lead and nickel free. They will not rust or tarnish and do not have a finish that can "wear off",  leaving discoloration on your skin. Materials have been carefully chosen for their durability and hypoallergenic nature.


Stainless Steel (nickel free)

The most popular by far, stainless steel splints are made from grade 430 nickel free stainless steel, making them 100% hypoallergenic nickel and lead free. This type of stainless steel is pretty much the same as the hypoallergenic 316L surgical stainless, but without the 5%-7% nickel typically added to the alloy for strength. While the nickel free stainless steel is a teeny bit softer than the surgical stainless, it's still the strongest and most durable option.

Since I am working directly with the manufacturer, each batch that I order comes with certification of it's quality.


Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is the global standard alloy of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper for strength and durability. It has been a classic choice for jewelry applications for centuries. It has a bright white silver finish and complements any style. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic and reactions to it are extremely rare.

I use sterling sterling silver wire in the production of nearly all my splints, including several fancy floral band styles. I have it available in traditional bright white finish as well as hammered and gunmetal finishes. It is the most popular option next to the stainless steel.


14k Gold Fill


Gold fill wire is a base metal of copper or brass, and with some items sterling silver, that is covered with a thick layer of 14k yellow or rose gold. It is similar to gold plated items, but the coating is much thicker so that it doesn't wear and flake off like gold plated wires tend to do. Gold is a softer metal and it's easier to scratch/scuff up the finish, so should be avoided for splints used for daily wear if you work with your hands or are generally rough on them.





The titanium I use is 99.9% pure jewelry grade titanium. Titanium is a non reactive metal, making it ideal for people with severe metal sensitivity or skin allergies who cannot tolerate other metals. It is also extremely lightweight and has a softer feel to it, so it's ideal for folks with sensory issues. This grade of titanium is softer than industrial versions, so your splints will still be adjustable. Titanium is also scratch resistant, so would be a good choice for daily wear splints if you work with your hands or are generally rough on them. Titanium takes an extra 24-48 hours to process due to needing additional steps to bring it to a high polish.


I can also offer pure niobium and solid 14k gold by special request. Due to the expense of solid gold and the inability to accept returns due to items being custom, all orders for solid gold must first be tested with stainless steel splints to ensure proper size and fit. Gold pricing is dependent on the current market price, which fluctuates often. For example the current market is $1,800/troy ounce which would put a standard swan neck splint at around $600 and something like a hand or thumb MCP splint at around $1,500. Please contact me via the contact form if you would like to set up an order for a special request wire.

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