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This type of splint is most commonly used to buddy a index finger to the finger next to it in order to hold it in place and block ulnar drift, reducing pain and dislocations. This splint cannot be used for pinkies.

Swan neck splints pictured to show pattern for Daisies and Gothy twist, 2 1/2 buddy shown for 14K yellow gold Leafy Scroll pattern. New picture updates coming soon!

This splint is adjustable within about a half size larger or smaller.

To size this splint you would measure around the base of the two fingers it will be worn on in the same place a regular ring band would sit as shown in the picture. 

Pattern Buddy

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  • This splint would take the same size as a regular ring on the two fingers the closed rings are on, while the middle half ring is openly adjustable.

    If you don't know your ring sizes use your preferred sizing method to measure around the base of the two fingers the splint will be worn on, following the blue lines shown on the last picture.

    Full sizing instructions with charts, graphs, and a free printable ring sizer are available on the sizing page.