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Beautiful flat wide band ring splints in sterling silver and yellow or rose gold fill with a message of your choice permanently stamped on the front. These standard swan neck ring splints help protect against hyperextension of the DIP, PIP, and thumb IP joints, but with thicker and wider material to provide extra strength and support, making it ideal for larger sizes or where extra stability is desired, such as thumb IP joints. The wider style also helps disperse pressure when the splint is actively blocking hyperextension of a joint for more comfortable wear. Due to the amount of space required for the letters to fit, this splint is only available in sizes given in the drop down menu.


Please select your size and preferred material from the corresponding menus. I've added some options that I've made and taken pictures of, but I have the full alphabet so feel free to pick your own! I just have to keep it to 8 letters or less to fit. This splint is adjustable within about a half size larger or smaller.


More pictures coming soon!


PriceFrom $100.00
  • Domestic shipping starts at $5.95 for First Class and takes 3-5 business days in transit. 

    Shipping to Canada starts at $20 for First Class and typically takes about 2 weeks in transit.

    Worldwide shipping starts at $25 for First Class and typically takes 2-3 weeks in transit.

    Priority/Expedited shipping options also available for both domestic and international shipping and can be selected at checkout.