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This splint consists of two classic swan neck splints- one for the DIP joint and one for the PIP joint- hinged together into one piece. The hinged design allows completely free flexion of both joints while the splints provide protection from hyperextension and help to keep them stable. Since nearly all IP joint splints can be hinged together you can also select the "hinge only" option in your desired metal to add to your order to connect two other IP splint types. The plain style lateral and double lateral support splints can be hinged worn on either the DIP (upper) or PIP (lower) joint, while the swirl splints must be worn on the PIP joint. Mallet support and any wide band styles cannot be hinged. Feel free to mix and match your metal types using the "hinge only" option and separate splints to add your own creative touch!

These splints are adjustable within about a half size larger or smaller and the length can be adjusted to ensure a proper customized fit

Swan Neck Dual Splint

PriceFrom $5.00
  • All metals we use are 100% lead and nickel free hypoallergenic pure metals so they will not tarnish, rust, or lose their color and oxidize the skin. You can read about the variety of metal choices we offer below!*

    Nickel Free Stainless Steel- We only use high quality 430 stainless steel that is certified to be nickel free from the manufacturer. This type of steel has a slightly higher level of chromium than other types of stainless steel instead of the nickel that would typically be alloyed in. It has good corrosion resistance so will not pit, rust, or oxidize.

    Sterling Silver- Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% copper. The copper is necessary to strengthen the metal, as fine silver by itself is far too soft to be used in any jewelry application. While it's very rare, some people can react with the copper content and find their fingers oxidized. Sterling silver will be kept shiny by the natural oils in your skin from wearing it, but if it has been put away for a while may tarnish. If this happens, a simple jewelry cleaning cloth will remove the tarnish.

    Titanium- We use 99.9% pure Grade 2 titanium. This grade of titanium is softer that Grade 1 so that it can be hand worked into splints. Titanium is extremely lightweight and is an excellent option for those with sensory issues. Titanium is also the best choice for those with MCAS or severe metal allergies due to its hypoallergenic nature. It is very rare for titanium to cause a reaction.

    14k Gold Fill- We offer 14k Yellow and Rose gold filled options. Gold filled is similar to gold plated, but with a much thicker coating of 14k gold over a brass or copper core. This gives assurance that the gold will wear well, without flaking or peeling off like plated and having a more reasonable price than solid gold.


    *Please note that different metals have different tensile strengths and therefore not all sizes will be available in all materials.

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