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Here you will find a selection of chains that can be purchased in addition to the chain included with your thumb splint. Please indicate if the chain will be worn with an MCP/CMC combination splint; only the larger link chains (ovals and heart links) can be used for the adjustable chain style that comes included with the MCP/CMC splint, the other chains will be a standard clasp closure. I am always working on sourcing additional chain options that can be used as the fully adjustable chain for the MCP/CMC splints.

Please note that the stainless steel chains, both regular and gold tones, are 304 (standard steel) or 316L (surgical steel) so they contain 5%-7% nickel. It's very uncommon to have a reaction since the amount of nickel is so low, but if you have MCAS or severe nickel sensitivity that should be taken into account. I unfortunately have not been able to source nickel free stainless steel chains, but am always searching.

Chains cannot be worn with IP/MCP combination splints as they will restrict normal flexion of the thumb and movement of the hand.


Please select your desired metal type and chain style from the drop down menu and fill in the fields for wrist size and clasp style.


Rainbow styles coming soon!

Thumb Splint Chains

PriceFrom $9.00